About Us

Altus Chocolate is a bean-to-bar American Craft Chocolate Factory and a European-Style Chocolate Lounge. We love creating incredible single origin chocolate, then taking that chocolate and turning it into beautiful truffles, pastries, and delectable drinks. But to really understand who we are, it goes deeper than palate-pleasing delights.

At Altus, we have a passionate love of cacao and of people. Our entire business centers around these two concepts. How we treat chocolate and how we treat others is the entire reason we exist.

Our story begins with the movie ‘Chocolat’ and a young couple’s desire to find a love-enriching marital hobby. Learn more about the The Altus Story

Each of our indulgent chocolates, or pastries, or sipping chocolates, starts with fanatical cacao bean selection as we import, roast, and grind our own chocolate from some of the best cocoa beans in the world. It doesn’t stop there, we have some lofty goals (learn more). You see, cacao is first and foremost food, it’s what we add to it that makes all the difference.

Purity holds many definitions, but to us it means scrutinizing every ingredient and sweetener we use. This goes back to how we treat people. If we wouldn’t eat it, we aren’t going to serve it. But we don’t jump on fads or use pop marketing terms. We use peer-reviewed research in making decisions on ingredients and sweeteners. And we’ll be straight with you about what is, and isn’t, in our chocolate.

And treating people well stretches into our goals and values for working with others (Fair-Trade Practices) and being a good steward of our resources for generations to come. Find our full values here.

American Craft Chocolate is in its’ infancy. We have some great contemporaries around the country making bean-to-bar chocolate. Chocolate, for us, is a journey similar to life. We’re constantly learning, growing, and creating something special to bring to the world. Journey with us through our blog, events, social media, and let us know what you think!