Lofty Goals

Superior Cacao PursuitsEvery day we feel privileged to be able to share our intense chocolate passion with others! People from all over the region come and tell us (in a verbal water fall of exuberance) how much they love our chocolates. We love knowing that our chocolate is being enjoyed (or ravished in a fanatical cult-like following). Even more so, though, we love being able to build a crazy-lofty-dreamer business where we can pursue “people before profit” and also craft before chocolate. Below are our “lofty goals” for our business and our chocolate.

Superior Cacao
At Altus, only the finest quality and highest grade cacao beans are imported before they are carefully roasted and ground into single-origin chocolates. Our chocolate begins with cacao of fine Criollo and Trinitario variety, which make up less than 10-1% of the world’s market of cacao. These varieties have striking pure and natural flavor profiles without the characteristic bitterness of low grade cacao.

Fair-Trade & Organic Cacao 
Each cacao bean we source originates from farms or co-ops with organic and fair-trade certifications or commitments to these practices. We clearly communicate what certifications and commitments each cacao origin holds.

Single Origin Chocolate
Much like wine or coffee, cacao from single origins have striking flavor profiles that we carefully preserve in our bean-to-bar process. To keep the pristine flavor of the excellent cocoa, we don’t add any of the preservatives, chemicals, or fillers that are found in many other chocolates.

Pure Ingredients
We are committed to real, pure ingredients with minimal processing. Only organic raw cane sugar is used in our chocolate and never in excess. We source ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, hormone-free, and in raw or whole forms. We use whole fruits, real nuts, hand-scraped vanilla beans, real herbs and petals, and only pure extracts. We never use artificial flavors, chemicals, shelf-life extenders such as invert sugars, or any preservatives. And you won’t ever find palm oil in any of our products! Read more on our commitments to purity!

Handcrafted Truffles & Confections
Each confection from Altus is crafted from expert, artisan hands. One of only a few chocolatiers worldwide to practice confection pairings, we pair each confection flavor with the single origin chocolate that best complements the pairing, creating an exceptional experience in each bite.  Because of the excellent ingredients and minimal processing, these fine chocolates have rich, deep flavors and high levels of antioxidants.

As it’s been said, “None of us live on an island.” As we interact with each other, we affect each other. Our commitment to community means we seek local ingredients from local farms and collaborate with our community so that we add value and positive impact. We do this through fun events, participation & collaboration with other businesses. And we are privileged use our business to help our local children: a portion of your proceeds go to services helping children in our area. But we see community extending further as well, our local community being a part of a greater global community. As such, we commit to treat our global neighbors fairly and our beautiful globe with care. Read more about our sustainable practices!

Consumer Education
We love to learn and share our fanatical love of cacao with others. We believe every consumer has a right for full (FULL) disclosure of what is in their chocolate (or any food), how it’s made, and why it matters. We list everything, exhaustively, just in case you like to geek-out on chocolate as much as we do! Everything we do is designed to educate, from farm-to-bean-to-bar self guided tours in the lounge, to product signage, to events, to our blog. Learn, enjoy, & savor!

Chocolate Tours & Tastings