Sustainability, to us, is all about caring for others. We live in changing world, still growing and learning about the consequences of our actions. We seek to enact sustainable practices in our business relationships and in our product choices.

Global Community
As far as it is in our power, we seek never to oppress others. This means treating customers and business relationships with integrity and respect.

Fair-Trade or Direct Trade
Child labor and extremely low farmer wages are common in the cacao industry. We think that every workman is worthy of a fair, living wage. While the fair-trade concept is an imperfect system, each cacao bean we source originates from farms or co-ops with organic and fair-trade certifications or commitments to these practices.

Global Care
Being ‘green’ is all the rage, which has it’s advantages. Being good stewards of our environment profits our own generation as well as generations to follow. The more we learn, the more we see how important it is to monitor chemicals, resources, and cheap fillers for the protection of our health and wellbeing.

We carefully select each ingredient, choosing organic and non-GMO products when possible. Especially in cacao, we learn that the more we tamper with the genetic makeup of the plant, the higher yielding but the worse tasting the beans become.

Renewable Packaging
When you dine in at our lounge you will enjoy glasses and plates, but when you travel with one of our scrumptious iced drinking chocolates you’ll notice we use renewable, easily compostable plant ware. When possible, all of our packaging will be made from green materials.