Bean-to-Bar chocolate is a movement in America of chocolate makers who select cocoa beans and handcraft these beans into their own chocolate. No longer is chocolate making for mass production by massive corporations. Small batch chocolate making gives the chocolatier control over the flavor, quality, and ingredients of the chocolate they create.

History gives us record of South American people groups who were the first chocolatiers, of sorts. The Olemecs, Aztecs, and Mayans would harvest the cacao, cracking the husks off with their fingers and grinding it in stoneware with water and spices until it became a cool, frothy beverage. Over time, this small art was lost in mass manufacturing, especially in America. However, in South America, this art is still a vibrant part of the culture with practices that are centuries old.

Today, we are a part of a small, but rapidly growing, community of craft chocolate makers who source, roast, winnow, grind, and mold small batches of cacao into luscious chocolate with the detail and precision that makes us artisans. Starting from the bean, we are able to choose the best varieties and precisely control what we add to it. Learn more about our STORY, our food VALUES, and SINGLE ORIGIN CHOCOLATE.

We are thrilled to be a part of the American craft chocolate movement. Each small company produces chocolate with delightfully vast differences akin to craft beer or locally roasted coffees. At Altus, we value our place amidst the talented artisans in our field and encourage the chocolate enthusiast in you to try other craft chocolates!

Sourcing the Beans