Single Origin

The term ‘single origin’ refers to one source or one estate. In the world of chocolate, Single Origin chocolate is made from one variety of cacao beans grown in one farm or region, not blended with any others.

With high grade cacao, the terroir, or soil and climate conditions, influence the flavor of the cacao much like in wine or coffee. Single origin cacao beans create chocolate with very unique and striking flavor profiles.  Not all cacao beans are the same, though. Different varieties and modification to the plant alter the brilliant flavor notes. Learn more about varieties here.

Here at Altus, single origin chocolate is all we do! Our mission is to bring the best of single origin chocolate to American Craft Chocolate. We love sourcing new origins and sharing them with the world.

To keep the pristine flavor of the excellent cocoa, we don’t add any of the preservatives, chemicals, or fillers that are found in many other chocolates. We want to preserve the delicate origin flavors in all their brilliance.

In fact, we’ve crafted a full line of single origin chocolate that use the same ingredients in the same proportions for each in order to truly experience the differences between each origin. Tasting through these is quite an experience! It also creates some of the most fantastic pairings with wine or coffee, emphasizing different flavor notes depending on the origin paired.