The Altus Difference

At Altus, we see chocolate differently. From our business GOALS to our food VALUES, we make chocolate to rejoice in.


We take great care in handcrafting our chocolates to create unique products to savor with every bite. By using fine cacao beans, we don’t have to mask the flavor or bitterness with high percentages of sugar, milk, or other fillers.

Our chocolate contains only cacao, organic raw cane sugar, and (for milk chocolate) organic hormone-free nonfat milk powder from grass-fed dairy! Our dark chocolate does not contain any milk products (dairy-free be glad!). This allows for a richer chocolate taste that magnifies the unique characteristics of each cacao bean used.



Cacao is incredibly nutritious (rejoice!), but it’s been married to such poor ingredients that the majority of chocolate has become an unhealthy ‘junk’ food. We defy this trend, taking chocolate back to its cacao origins and combining it with beneficial ingredients, from a careful moderation of evaporated organic raw cane juice to entirely sugarless options. In fact, organic evaporated raw cane juice is the only ‘processed’ sugar we use, in our entire product line and never in excess! And we take advantage of local honey, maple syrup, and dates as natural proven beneficial sweeteners.

Because we use high-quality cacao we can create chocolate with high nutrient-rich Cacao percentages. Even our ‘milk’ (dark milk) chocolate contains 47% cacao, yet has the beautiful creamy flavor of a standard milk chocolate (which is only required to have 10% cacao by the USDA). We don’t add any chemicals or fillers such as butyric acid, vegetable oils, butter, or wax as found in many, even fine, chocolates. As such our chocolate has the glossy sheen and crisp snap of the finest chocolates and maintains high levels of antioxidants and the rich deep flavors from fresh processing.

You won’t find shelf – life extenders in our products such as invert sugars. For this reason, our chocolate creations won’t be as sweet as most. Instead, you’ll taste an incredible chocolate  profile with crisp flavors that shine, but not because of the sugar.

Summer Truffle Collection

Care ~

We like to say ‘People before Profit, and Craft before Chocolate’. It is from this concept that we source the best cacao and the best ingredients to pair with it. Read more about us