Fine Artisan Chocolates

Creating craft chocolate is truly an art. Whether it’s roasting a batch of beans until they attain the perfect smell and feel when cracked, or precisely placing garnish on a hand-dipped truffle to achieve the look of beauty, fine chocolate requires the skill and creativity of an artisan.

We call it artisan, the careful crafting of each chocolate. We don’t mass produce anything. Each chocolate takes great time and great skill, and that’s just how we like it. We rely on old world techniques and human inspiration!

At Altus, we make our chocolate fresh from the cacao bean. Each chocolate is made from scratch by human hands using only high quality, natural ingredients and organic, fair trade beans minimally processed with absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. Pure ingredients like fresh local honey and fruit purees we’ve made from scratch without adding any additional sugars makes our chocolates stand apart.

From our Artisan Truffles to our Single Origin Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares, we create mini masterpieces to delight and inspire!  We are ever developing flavor combinations to tantalize your palate and uplift your soul.

And every product we make is carefully crafted according to our business GOALS and food VALUES so that our chocolates can be enjoyed with confidence.