At the core of what makes Altus, ALTUS, is our stone-ground single-origin craft chocolate. Available in many origins and cacao percentages, our bars are great on their own or paired with a glass of wine, single origin coffees or high grade teas.


We couldn’t be a chocolate lounge without our own line of handcrafted truffles. From simple flavors to unique combinations and limited edition creations, our truffles made from our bean-to-bar chocolate will tantalize any palate! And yes, we do have a diabetic and vegan friendly truffle!


Cacao Inspired Tapas Menu

Cacao is first and foremost food (and incredibly nutritious at that), it’s simply what we add to it, that makes it unhealthy. From our humble beginnings, our take on chocolate is to keep it nutrient rich without the unhealthy additives found in mass-produced confections. Our Cacao Inspired Edibles is a natural extension of our efforts, using cacao in savory applications that disqualify it from the label ‘candy’. Below is what you will find in our small tapas menu, available any time we are open. 

Chocolate Fondue: rich Altus chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, pound cake, and brownies. Try a single for a personal indulgence, or share a large with a group of 6-8.
*Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Options Available

Cheese Plates: An assortment of cheeses including Alpine Gruyere (cow), Manchego (sheep), and fine Chevre (goat). Paired with bread and crackers, gourmet olives, mango pepper jelly, stone-ground mustard, and our roasted cacao nibs. Half and Full Plates.

Charcuterie Plates: sliced sopressata salami, premium pepperoni, and prosciutto with read and crackers, gourmet olives, mango pepper jelly, stone-ground mustard, and our roasted cacao nibs. Half and Full Plates.

Signature Salad: mixed greens, blueberries, pecans, & chevre goat cheese with house-made cocoa balsamic vinaigrette.

Wedge Salad: romaine wedges topped with cacao nibs, currants, and walnuts. Sprinkled with a house-made smoky maple vinaigrette.


Drinking Chocolates

Decadent, delicious and the way cacao has been enjoyed for Millennia! Try any drinking chocolate in a house-made flavor such as organic lavender, spicy aztec, smoky maple and more!
*Dairy-Free Options Available

European Sipping Chocolate: our chocolate in a thick, molten drink. You’ll need one of our mini spatulas to savor every last bit! What espresso is to coffee, sipping chocolate is to hot chocolate. 4oz.

Rich Hot Chocolate: Altus chocolate in a rich, warming beverage perfect for brisk evenings. We top with a dollop of Altus made fresh whipped cream. 8oz/16oz

White Hot Chocolate: Altus white chocolate with a hint of savory spices. 8oz/16oz

Iced Drinking Chocolate: cool, refreshing, and Altus-chocolate-delicious. A summer time favorite. Add a shot of espresso for a reversed mocha! 16oz.

Frozen Hot Chocolate: an intensely cold, refreshing rich hot chocolate blended with ice. 16 oz

Whole Fruit Smoothies

Made from whole fruits of your choosing (never shelf stable purees). 16oz.
*Dairy-Free Options Available

Real Milkshakes

Real rich dairy, nothing artificial, and no corn syrup! Choose from Altus chocolate, Salted Caramel, Espresso, Mocha, Vanilla Bean, or choose a whole fruit for the best fruit milkshake ever. 16oz.


Traditional Italian ice cream made from pure ingredients without artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives, or chemicals. Enjoy a scoop, bowl, or cone!


Coffee, Espresso, & Tea

Locally roasted single origin coffees, locally roasted espresso, and high grade loose leaf teas.
*Dairy-free options available

Pour Over Coffee: fresh brewed perfection. Available at the Roanoke location. Coming soon to Lynchburg.

Espresso: sip a double espresso with your chocolates in classic European tradition.

Latte (also in iced): steamed milk and espresso, what’s more to love? Try it with organic lavender or rose pink pepper for unique take on a coffee-house delight. 12oz/16oz

Altus Mocha (also in iced): a beautiful mocha that could only happen with Altus chocolate! 12oz/16oz

Iced Coffee (cold brewed): cold brewed coffee makes for a smooth iced coffee rich in flavor. Get it sweetened with our organic raw cane syrup or enjoy it without! 16oz

Hot Loose Leaf High Grade Tea: from green tea grown in the foggy mountain regions of china to an aromatic earl grey, we have incredible tea from incredible companies committed to ethical practices in tea harvesting and grading. 12oz/16oz

Tea Latte: try any of our loose leaf teas in latte style. One of our customers’ favorites is an Earl Grey tea latte with organic lavender, a winning combination! 12oz/16oz

London Fog: An Earl Gray latte with vanilla. Try it with organic lavender for a floral twist on this favorite. 12oz/16oz

Chai Latte (also in iced): organic black tea with traditional chai spices in milk 12oz/16oz



Though we have clever creations weekly, you’ll always find the pastries listed below. All are house-made from scratch with Altus chocolate. 

Chocolate Ganache Cake: one of our most raved about lounge items, this cake is rich and moist, but not sickeningly sweet! Perfect for date nights and business breaks!

Chocolate Torte: a classic, gluten-free European cake made from almond flour. Topped with a layer of dark chocolate ganache and slivered almonds. This torte is packed with protein and nutrients yet has all the indulgence of a rich dark chocolate cake.

Cheesecake: incredible light and silky cheesecake with an unbelievable flavor from our single origin chocolate.

Cupcakes: delicate chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache icing and chocolate shavings.

Brownies: our take on this classic chocolate pastry – you may never go back to box!

Almond Coconut Macaroons: gluten free, dairy free, and free of refined sugars! Sweetened with only a touch of raw honey and real maple syrup. This macaroon is so delicious and flavorful, you won’t miss the sugar!

Tarts: our variety of phenomenal tarts boast a delicate french pastry and flavors such as Salted Caramel Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate Raspberry Almond.