Love and Chocolate

Posted by on Feb 9, 2018

Love and Chocolate

Many of the world’s greatest endeavors are founded on relationships, the simple bond between individuals that allows them to create something new and beautiful. Carl and Mary Matice experienced this phenomenon first-hand when they stumbled upon the idea that would forever change their lives, Altus Chocolate. At a ladies’ night with her friends, Mary watched a movie called “Chocolat,” a story about a mother and her young daughter who use chocolate to change the rigid outlook of their new town and spread a little more love and laughter. The film inspired Mary and when she came to her husband with the idea of making chocolate together from scratch, he was immediately on board.

It all started with a Mexican Molcajete, a large, granite mortar and pestle the couple purchased to get their new hobby off the ground. After painstakingly roasting and cracking the beans and after over sixteen hours of grinding the cacao and sugar into the right consistency, the couple had a finished product that amazed both them and the curious neighbors who had been watching the crazy couple next door spend hour after hour grinding beans in a little stone bowl. The chocolate was fantastic, better than anything they had tasted, but more than that the experience they shared together was beyond valuable.

This catalyzed an impassioned search for the secrets to making high grade, craft chocolate, a quest that ultimately led them to the grand opening of Cao Artisan Chocolates (later to be known as Altus Chocolate.) Today the couple spends their days doing what they love, making the purist chocolate available together. The best things in life come out of relationships and chocolate is no exception, so stop by either of Altus’s locations in either Lynchburg or Roanoke for an experience you’ll never forget.

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