Single Origin Chocolate

Posted by on Feb 9, 2018

Single Origin Chocolate

The concept of single origin chocolate is a fairly new idea in the USA, with some of the first manufacturers starting in 2006. Because it such a new idea for chocolate we are continually educating customers on the concept. Most wine enthusiasts know that different terroir (soil and climate) can change the flavor. We also have seen the rise and popularity of single origin coffee. Most people are familiar with the differences of single origins like Sumatra, Colombia, Mexican, and Ethiopian. They taste vastly different just because of where they are grown. Different soils produce more or less acidity, fruity notes, earthy flavors, or floral notes. Chocolate is very similar in this sense. I have tasted over 50 different farms and have experienced more variety in flavors than I could have ever imagined. Dominican Republic is a small country on half of a small island and I have tasted 5 different origins from there and they all tasted very different. Each farm had its own unique flavor notes, coming from differences in the soils unique to each farm.

Single origin chocolate brings a new and enjoyable experience to chocolate that has long been enjoyed by wine enthusiasts. Take the time to try lots of different origins and find your favorites. Of course we sell our single origin bars on our website, but some of the other popular companies that sell them are Dandelion Chocolate, Askinosie, Escazu, Patric, and Potomac. Single origin chocolate will ruin your taste for standard industrial chocolate.

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