What does Altus mean?

Posted by on Feb 6, 2018

What does Altus mean?

“So what does Altus mean anyway?”


What does Altus even mean anyway? As you may have gathered “Altus” sounds kind of like the word “altitude” or “altimeter” both of which have to do with height.

Altus, is in fact, a Latin adjective that means high or lofty. Altus Chocolate creates a “higher sweet.” But what does that mean? Altus isn’t just a fancy name, it’s a way of life and a standard of chocolate making that we don’t take lightly. We make a higher sweet from bean to bar and on every level we are committed to making that our guarantee to you.


We believe in pure, transparent and excellent chocolate of a quality you can count on. But don’t take our word for it! We don’t want you to just know that we make fine chocolate. We exist for you to experience what we have to offer! You won’t be disappointed.


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